We have previously talked about how to get new business ideas. At the end, a question came that after getting the idea, what should I do, quickly open a shop and start selling? What happens like this or what to do before starting an online shop? What to do? First you need to find some answers of magical questions before start an online shop.

The tasks of running an online shop can be divided into two categories:

  1. Offline work
  2. Online work

In this episode I will talk only about offline tasks. First you have to collect information, do research. No need to be a vessel of knowledge by researching and studying for months. A boat is definitely necessary, but I don’t see this trend at all in the neighborhood or people I know.

First, open a doc file in Google Drive, let’s start Business Plan. Already you’ve decided what products to sell, now before start an online shop the plan will come to fruition by answering several questions.

Think this 10 Questions Before Start an Online Shop:

1. Who are the targeted buyers?

Buyers can be targeted on the basis of age, women-men-children, area. But the area is more important, should you sell only in your own upazila and surrounding upazila or the whole country? If the buyers are women, then one type of marketing has to be done, and another for men. Even products can be marketed to adults only.

2. Where to collect the product from?

If you are a retailer, where to collect the products, and if you are a manufacturer, where to collect the raw materials? Multiple sources must be sought. Different sources offer different prices and quality products. That is, how is the wholesale price, where can be found, where can be found exceptional? For this, online and direct communication may be required.

3. How to get the product to your home or store?

How to get your stock from manufacturer or biker, what about transportation? How about the cost of transportation or courier?

4. where to store?

Where to keep the product and arrange it. 

5. How to deliver?

Collect clear information about all relevant delivery companies, their service quality and costs.

6. What is the status of rivals?

This is the real area of research which formally called competitor analysis, where you need to devote some time and attention.

How many others or online shops are selling this product?
How is the quality of their products?
How do you keep the price?
How do they sell, in groups, pages, websites?
Try to get an idea about the sales volume as well.

All this information should be taken into consideration regarding the nature of your business, strategy, selection of product type, pricing.

7. How to do packaging?

Packet design, where to do, how will the cost? It is best to make the packet after the first shipment of the product arrives. It is also important to know how others are packing. But make the packet just before starting the sale, after completing the other tasks. The cost of packaging has to be taken into consideration while determining the price.

সুন্দর ও নিরাপদ প্যাকেজিং ক্রেতার মন জয় করতে পারে

8. Pricing to secure profit

It is the most important work. Before starting an online shop, it is not clear how the expenses can be incurred. Because of this many times the pricing is wrong. For this, all the costs, potential costs, competitor’s prices have to be determined. You can promote the fixed price as an “offer price” at the beginning, with the opportunity to increase or decrease it later.

9. How to promote?

There are many means of promotion, which can be divided into two categories: paid marketing (promotion by spending money), organic marketing (promotion without spending money). This will affect the profit or pricing. Paid marketing includes promoting on other social media including Facebook and Google AdWords. Marketing can be done by developing the community without spending money. Marketing can be done in combination of both, this method is better.

Starting a business involves several legal steps to ensure that your business is properly set up and compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Things to do before start an online shop are fixed, start the online work. So far same process for those who do not do business online.

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